Zero-Cost Commercial Rental Payments are Now Available to Property Managers

Property Managers can now give tenants the flexibility to pay their monthly property rental payments with multiple payment options, such as credit cards, bank ACH, and debit cards without any merchant processing costs! Agora Advantage’s newest Marketplace partner PropertyTeller gives property managers and landlords a complete everyday payment solution.

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Easily Capture Positive Customer Reviews to Promote Your Business

Customer reviews provide a great opportunity to build third party trust in your brand, products and services. However, most online review sites give business owners little or no recourse against bad and even fake reviews. There are reputation agencies that are dedicated to post fake negative reviews about their clients competitors. Also by the nature of reviews, the few customers who may have had a bad experience will post negative reviews while the majority of the customers that are very happy with your service won’t post a positive unless asked. Learn how to get great customer reviews to build third party credibility in your brand and services.

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How to Turn a Good Restaurant into a Great Business

The margins in the food and beverage industry are brutal. Restaurants face high credit card rates, ongoing food and inventory costs, leases, staffing salary and expenses, and extremely high online order commissions. On top of restaurant owners maintaining a full schedule and constantly having to putting out fires, they still have to find time to manage their books. Even slightly higher food costs or marketing fees can make the difference of being a success and having to close down the restaurant.

Agora Advantage recognizes all the hardships our restaurant owners go through and we have partnered with some of the most technology advanced and forward thinking companies to help you increase your profits and reduce your expenses.

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Increase Cash Flow by Automating Client Payments and Collections

Tired of running after your clients for payments, returned checks, NSF and ACH late returns? Not only do late and returned payments cause cash flow shortages to small businesses they also often incur additional bank fees and charges.

Agora Advantage is happy to introduce eCashflow Services to its Merchant Marketplace. eCashflow Services has been a pioneer in the electronic recovery of returned checks for over 15 years and offers many extended banking solutions to make accepting payments for goods and services hassle free.

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